All understudies who are wanting to come to the United Kingdom must pursue the standards and direction before they apply, to get the best outcome. If it’s not too much trouble experience the rundown beneath which will enable you to choose which reports are required and will be valuable in supporting the explanation that you have made for your visa application.

Also make sure that all the documents specified below are original and are in English, if not in English then the translation must be along which can be tested or verified by Home Office.

Documents required for United Kingdom Student Visa:

1. Complete visa application Form. (We, Go For Visa can help)
2. Complete the self assessment form fully.
3. Current Valid passport with atleast one blank page.
4. One passport size coloured photograph.
5. Tuberculosis screening might be done before the visa is granted, so medical test to be taken.
6. CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies), this is the certificate that a Tier 4 Registered College/University should be before the application is lodged. This is the document that confirms to the government that admission has been taken to study further and is given by registered Tier 4 Licensed Authority.
7. English test as per the course you are going to undertake. (Go For Visa can help for this).
8. Evidence of Money, to see that you can support yourself for atleast 9 months from the date of arrival, before you are granted visa. This includes the living cost, pending CAS amount for the first year, college is inside Zone 1 and 2 of London or outside (if yes then amount increases) etc.
9. Letter from the bank who is showing the account, to prove the amount with them. If in parents or any other third parties account to support, then letter needs to be taken from them to support you for your study in UK.

Application process

Step by Step process to Study in the United Kingdom.


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