Send every one of the archives that are required and at first at the season of use, don’t send the first reports except if they are requested. To get the best outcome, attempt your best to give all or a large portion of the vital records for the chief to see.

There are few different kind of visas under Study, which are:

1. Vocational Education and Training Visa (Subclass 572)
2. Form 157A (Student Application form, and Go For Visa can help for filling this form properly).
3. COE (Confirmation of Enrolment).
4. Pay Visa application charge at the time of lodgement (Either Paper or by EVisa)
5. Certified copies of Passport.
6. If under the age of 18, then need to provide evidence of appropriate arrangements of your stay and study in Australia, as per your welfare.
7. Four Recent Passport size photograph (45mm x 35mm). Should be head and shoulders only with white background.
8. If travelling with someone then need to prove the relationship.
9. If you have changed your name in past, then need to provide the proof of the same.
10. Need to undergo Health Requirements, which are mainly Chest X-ray, Blood and Urine test but might be different for children.
11. Must have taken Overseas Health Cover (Go For Visa, can help you for this to get cheapest).

Must provide Financial documents that will cover:

1. Travel cost to and from Australia.
2. Living cost for atleast 1 year.
3. Tuition fee/cost.
4. School cost of any student going along with the applicant. (If required).

Application process

Step by Step process to Study in the AUSTRALIA.

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