Cothm College
College of Tourism and Hotel Management The underlying objective of all programs is to prepare students for a successful career in tourism, hospitality and the service industries. The ease with which successful graduates of the College secure employment, demonstrates the confidence shown in the College by the industry and the correctness of its educational policy.

InterNapa College
InterNapa College mission is to continue to develop as a college of higher education by fostering a learning environment where students, faculty, personnel and stakeholders strive ethically to achieve their goals and fulfil their social responsibilities. We at INC will dedicate all our efforts to providing students personal support to excel academically, professionally and socially for today and the future.

CDA College
Access C.D.A. College offers undergraduate programs addressing issues of particular importance to people. Our curricula, the way we teach and our financial and academic support services address the needs of students who come to the College from varied social, cultural and ethnic background, and who may have a variety of previous educational experiences. Excellence C.D.A. College addresses the intellectual and professional needs of individual students though classes and other educational experiences that encourage dialogue with faculty who are active scholars and/or practitioners. Students benefit from rigorous, specially tailored approaches to fostering gains in abilities and understanding.

Global College
Since 1972, Global College is a popular choice for higher education in Cyprus and offers top quality teaching, innovative delivery methods and a highly supportive environment from skilled and extensively trained academic personnel. Global College is the biggest college in Cyprus and the first to be registered with the Ministry of Education & Culture. Over the years the college has grown and developed through strategic collaborations. We currently offer numerous academic programmes as well as technical and professional ones. Our franchise agreement with the University of Roehampton offers the opportunity to students based in Cyprus to obtain UK degrees in ΒSc Accounting, LLB Law, MA Global Criminology.

American College
American College is a private institution of higher education committed to meeting the educational and professional needs of its students. The College aims to help its students develop a strong knowledge base. In addition, it aims to encourage its students to achieve their potential and prepares its graduates for career and/or academic advancement. Finally, the College strives to help its students maintain and foster ethical, fair and honest behaviors in all their endeavors.

Larnaca College
Larnaca College is one of the most vibrant colleges set up in Larnaca Cyprus and offers high standards of private education on a wide range of programs to students from around the world. Larnaca College is duly registered and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. The College is renowned for its expertise in the area of Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Information and Communication Technology.

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